Warhammer Tank Information

The Warhammer is a great Tank Weapon in New World thanks to its combination of Crowd Control and Area of Effect Debuffs which reduce enemies damage and increase the damage they receive. This weapon is used in our New World Tank Build.

You also get a reasonably good damage output even while using Heavy Armor. The Warhammer also has some great passives that really help anyone playing as a Tank.

It’s best to use the Warhammer on your Off Tank with a Sword and Shield or Greatsword in the Main Hand.

Warhammers perform best when used during add pulls. For boss fights you’d potentially benefit more from using Spear if no one else is using one and for more advanced Tanking you could also consider Rapier for bosses also.

Below you’ll find the best abilities, passives and perks when using the Warhammer for Tanking in New World.


  • Armor Breaker
  • Wrecking Ball
  • Shockwave


  • Bane (Ancient, Angry Earth, Beast, Corrupted or Lost)
  • Sundering Shockwave
  • Thwarting Strikes


  • Pristine Carnelian

Warhammer Tank Build

War Hammer

Armor Breaker

A powerful swing that penetrates 35% of the target’s armor and deals 140% weapon damage.

Cooldown: 12 seconds

Wrecking Ball

Strike the ground with your war hammer, dealing 130% weapon damage and knocking down your target.

This ability has grit. (Grit prevents you from being staggered by incoming attacks.)

Cooldown: 15 seconds


Slam your war hammer into the ground, causing a 3m radius earthquake that deals 80% weapon damage, staggering and stunning all impacted targets for 2s.

This ability has grit. (Grit prevents you from being staggered by incoming attacks.)

Taunt Gem Compatible: If you have a Carnelian gem equipped in your war hammer, this ability inflicts taunt for 6s to all enemies hit. (Taunt causes monsters to focus only on you.)

Cooldown: 20 seconds

If you have a group member using a Spear, then you won’t need to use the Armor Breaker ability because Rend will be covered so use Mighty Gavel instead.

This weapon is an absolute monster for add pulls due to the crowd control benefits and the ability to apply Area of Effect Rend and Weaken debuffs to the enemy.

It’s also generally a good Tank weapon due to the survival and sustain on offer via the Warhammer passives.

To utilise your Warhammer:

  1. Once you are in an add pull, use Shockwave and this must be used with a Warhammer that has the Sundering Shockwave perk, this will combine an AoE taunt, stagger, stun, Weaken and Rend all into one fantastic skill.
  2. To keep control of the enemies use Wrecking Ball which smashes them all into the ground to keep them in place longer and buffs you up with Fortify.
  3. The Rend from Sundering Shockwave is likely to be running out so hit the enemies with Armor Breaker to apply another Rend debuff source.
  4. Light Attack between every skill cast to proc the Acceleration passive.

Named Warhammers

These are obtainable Warhammers that you can farm.

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