‘Radiant Aegis’ ESO Templar Tank Build

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‘Radiant Aegis’ ESO Templar Tank Introduction

Introducing Radiant Aegis, an exceptional Templar Tank build for Elder Scrolls Online. Embodying the essence of the Templar class, this build empowers you to become a beacon of light and an unyielding defender, safeguarding your allies against the forces of darkness.

As a Radiant Aegis Templar tank, you command the power of divine protection. With unwavering resolve, you shield your comrades, drawing enemy attention away from them. This meticulously crafted build combines robust defensive abilities with potent healing capabilities, making you an indomitable force on the battlefield. Delve into our guides, master advanced strategies, and emerge as the revered guardian that the realm needs. Become the radiant defender and triumph over any challenge that awaits you in Elder Scrolls Online.

‘Radiant Aegis’ ESO Templar Tank Information


Race: Nord is the overall most useful. You will rarely get the opportunity to play a Warden Tank in endgame content other than Dungeons so you could choose anything else, Breton would also work well.

Attributes: You can apply these however you like. Try aiming for 40k Max Health then share your points into Stamina and Magicka. Remember that your Templar healing skills often scale with Max Health or Magicka/Spell Damage so having extra Magicka will be slightly benefitial.

Food: Templars have a lot of Magicka skills and a number of them need to be cast frequently, using a food with Magicka Recovery such as Red Frothgar is very beneficial.

Potions: Tri-Stat potions are very useful for this build for the resource gain and all recoveries.

Magicka Recovery: To maintain all abilities it’s good to have around 2500 Magicka Recovery.

Resistances: You typically wouldn’t be using a Templar Tank for the top tier endgame content, so anything over 25k Resistances will work fine but for harder content you’ll want 30-33k.

‘Radiant Aegis’ ESO Templar Tank Gear