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Updated: January 2022 – Deadlands.
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'Memeplar' Templar Tank Build | Elder Scrolls Online | Deadlands


Welcome to the Memeplar ESO Templar Tank Build.

This build is designed for general, fun, easy Tanking that anyone can pick up and play regardless of their character race or Tank experience and ability. The reason why this build is so good for basically anyone to play is down to the fact that it automatically does all of your Tanking basics for you. All you do is run into an add pull, press 2 buttons and you will have pulled in all enemies and taunted them. This is what makes this a great build for inexperienced Tanks as you can pick up and play easily and you can do all your basic Tank things with almost no effort.

Please be aware that this build is not something you would use in an organised and optimised group. While this build provides some support and it’s fun to play, some aspects of the build such as the gear used would likely not be viable if you were participating in organised Veteran Trials or Veteran DLC Dungeons. You would need to utilise the Main Tank, Off Tank, and Dungeon Tank builds that we have on the site.

Other Information

You can use whatever Race you want for this build. The usual Imperial, Redguard, Argonian and Nord will make things somewhat easier but you can really just put this gear on any Templar that you have and it will perform the same.



The Atronach


64 Health


Bewitched Sugar Skulls


Essence of Health Potion

For the Mundus Stone we go with The Atronach for the additional Magicka Recovery as most of our skills are Magicka costing.

Our Attributes are set with 64 Health. We will balance out some more Magicka/Stamina if needed by adjusting the enchants on our gear.

We will be using Bewitched Sugar Skulls for the food so we can get all 3 Max resources higher which are all valuable for Tanking.

For potions we use Essence of Health Tri-Stat potions.


HeadSwarm MotherHeavySturdyPrismatic Defence
ShoulderSwarm MotherHeavySturdyPrismatic Defence
ChestTormentorHeavySturdyPrismatic Defence
HandsTormentorHeavySturdyPrismatic Defence
WaistTormentorHeavySturdyPrismatic Defence
LegsTormentorHeavySturdyPrismatic Defence
FeetTormentorHeavySturdyPrismatic Defence
NecklaceDark ConvergenceJewelleryTriuneMagicka Recovery
RingDark ConvergenceJewelleryTriuneMagicka Recovery
RingDark ConvergenceJewelleryTriuneMagicka Recovery
Main HandPuncturing RemedyAny 1HInfusedAbsorb Stamina
Off HandPuncturing RemedyShieldSturdyPrismatic Defence
Main Hand BackupDark ConvergenceIce StaffInfusedCrusher
HeadMagma IncarnateHeavySturdyPrismatic Defence
ShoulderSpaulder of RuinHeavySturdyPrismatic Defence
ChestDrake’s RushHeavySturdyPrismatic Defence
HandsPowerful AssaultMediumSturdyPrismatic Defence
WaistPowerful AssaultMediumSturdyPrismatic Defence
LegsDrake’s RushHeavySturdyPrismatic Defence
FeetDrake’s RushHeavySturdyPrismatic Defence
NecklacePowerful AssaultJewelleryTriuneMagicka Recovery
RingPowerful AssaultJewelleryTriuneMagicka Recovery
RingPowerful AssaultJewelleryTriuneMagicka Recovery
Main HandPuncturing Remedy / Void BashAny 1HInfusedAbsorb Stamina
Off HandPuncturing Remedy / Void BashShieldSturdyPrismatic Defence
Main Hand BackupDrake’s RushIce StaffInfusedCrusher

All of the gear with this build is aimed at resolving the issues of a Templar Tank which is crowd control. We avoid the need of any expensive Stamina based crowd control skills by setting up the gear to pull, chain and taunt everything in our vicinity meaning this build is both easy to play and very useful during dungeons and add pulls.

For the Monster Set we use Swarm Mother. We are using this set to help us chain in enemies that attack us from range, if you don’t want to use it then use something else but remember to slot Silver Leash to pull in those ranged adds. It can proc once every second, all you need to do is make sure you are the first person into a fight and have soft aggro of enemies or range taunt the ranged enemies to they will attack you and then get pulled in by the Swarm Mother when they attack you and the set is off cooldown.

Our armor set is the Tormentor set, we are using this in place of a Crowd Control skill since the Templar has none and the only options available for crowd control include very expensive and ineffective skills such as Turn Evil, Time Stop and Razor Caltrops. What this set will do is once we have pulled everything in with our other sets, we use 1 skill to Area of Effect taunt all nearby enemies, this removes the need for crowd control since all the enemies will be focussed only on you and it happens very quickly and efficiently meaning you have no immediate need for crowd control based skills that cause Roots and Fears.

The next set is the Dark Convergence set which we use to pull, snare and stun the enemies. You have to run into an add pull quickly and place down a ground Area of Effect skill such as Elemental Blockade, Extended Ritual or Channel Focus and this activates the set. It will snare enemies first and after 1 second pulls them all to you. Any enemies that are too far away should get picked up by Swarm Mother.

The Final gear piece is the Master Weapons the Puncturing Remedy set. Since we want to control Dark Convergence we want to use it only on 1 bar do it leaves us with space for a weapon set. This set just offers us a bit of additional healing when using Pierce Armor which can be helpful when surrounded by enemies but mostly on Boss fights.

All the gear is Sturdy/Tri-Stat so we can achieve a high number of stats. You can play this build on any race, so if you are using a Breton or High Elf then you would use all Stamina glyphs, if you have 40k Health already then you might just alternate Magicka/Stamina glyphs, just use whatever you want to achieve stats that work for you.

On the jewellery I use Triune again for the same reason that I like to balance out my stats and be able to work with a really huge stat pool but you can also use Infused. Magicka Recovery provides the most use for this build whether you are using Triune or Infused.

Standard stuff on the weapons, Infused/Crusher on the Ice Staff because that is simply the most useful. On the 1H you can go with anything you like but Infused/Absorb Stamina always works well.

Where to Obtain:

Swarm Mother – Veteran Spindleclutch I, Maj al-Ragath.

Tormentor – Banished Cells I & II.

Dark Convergence – Rewards for the Worthy.

Puncturing Remedy – Dragonstar Arena & Veteran Dragonstar Arena (Perfected)

Other notable sets that you could use:

Powerful Assault

Drake’s Rush

Claw of Yolnahkriin


Templar Skills

ESO-Hub Skill iconESO-Hub Skill iconESO-Hub Skill iconESO-Hub Skill iconESO-Hub Skill iconESO-Hub Skill icon
ESO-Hub Skill iconESO-Hub Skill iconESO-Hub Skill iconESO-Hub Skill iconESO-Hub Skill iconESO-Hub Skill icon

  • Pierce Armor – Our main Taunt which also debuff the enemy with Major & Minor Breach and will heal us via the Master Weapons.
  • Heroic Slash – We need to recast this every 12 seconds to maintain the Minor Heroism which gives us Ultimate. We also inflict Minor Maim on the enemy reducing the damage they do.
  • Explosive Charge – This is a vital skill to proc the Tormentor set. Because this skill is a charge skill that causes damage to all nearby enemies, you should use this immediately after all enemies are pulled in and it will then AoE taunt them all, and the taunt from using this skill with Tormentor is uncapped.
  • Radiant Ward – This is your main survival tool. Its a Magicka costing shield which is why we want high Magicka Recovery so in tough situations we can spam this to survive, and the shield will scale with Max Health so we easily can have a 10-20k shield, plus it procs Minor Protection which reduces incoming damage by 5%.
  • Repentance – By having this slotted you gain more recovery which is really good but the main function of this is to heal and sustain. When there are corpses on the ground you use this for free and it will give you a lot of Stamina back and it will also heal you and your nearby group members. This is essential for any situation where you are getting hit by multiple enemies and will lose a lot of resources.
  • Ultimate: Replenishing Barrier – This is used for the Magicka Aid passive for 10% more Magicka Recovery, and if you absolutely have no option you can use it for survival if its needed.
  • Inner Rage – This is needed for range taunting enemies so they are attacking you and can be pulled in by the Swarm Mother set.
  • Extended Ritual – This is one of 3 skills that can proc Dark Convergence but it’s also a pretty strong self heal and will offer some group healing and a purify synergy to help your group cleanse negative effects.
  • Elemental Blockade – We use this to proc and maintain our back bar weapon enchant but the Ice Staff is also a useful utility for Tanking and this skill will also activate Dark Convergence.
  • Restoring Focus – This is a strong skill for the Templar for both sustain and survival. When you use the skill you will gain resistances and Stamina (even while blocking) every second. If you also stand inside the Rune it will also heal you based on your Max Health which is usually around a 3k+ heal every second.
  • Living Dark – We use this to provide our unique group buff Minor Sorcery along with also giving us a number of useful tools during add pulls such as healing every 0.5 seconds and snaring the enemies attacking us. This is also another heal that scales with Max Health.
  • Ultimate: Aggressive Horn – Our main ultimate and extremely useful group buff which increases our max stats and crit damage for our whole group.

Other Skills that could be used:

  • Silver Leash – If you need a chain skill because you are not using Swarm Mother then you’ll need this.
  • Turn Evil – One of the only few crowd control options for a Templar should you need one.

How to Play / Guide

The main objective of this build is to easily control large amounts of enemies.

Its quite simple, you walk into an add pull, you can precast Living Dark and Radiant Ward then you quickly place Elemental Blockade, Extended Ritual or Restoring Focus on the group in a highly populated area and then all the nearby enemies are pulled in.

Once the enemies are pulled in you must hit the Explosive Charge skill to AoE taunt everything.

Swarm Mother will auto pull any ranged enemies that are attacking you, if you are not being targeted it wont do anything so you have to range taunt everything.

Once you are in an add pull you want to make sure you have everything down on the ground with Elemental Blockade, Extended Ritual and Restoring Focus, all ranged enemies taunted. Every time 2+ enemies die, cast Repentance for Stamina sustain. While taking damage recast Living Dark and Radiant Ward for healing and shields.

If you have Extended Ritual and Living Dark active while stood inside Restoring Focus, this should provide a large amount of healing in the region of 8k per second with the option to add a 10-20k damage shield on top of that with Radiant Ward.