ESO Ability Altering Weapons –
Puncturing Remedy (Masters 1 Hand and Shield)

Set bonus

2 items (Perfected): Adds 3% Healing Taken.
2 items: When you deal damage with Puncture, you heal for 2230 Health and gain Spell and Physical Resistance equal to the amount of healing or over healing done for 5 seconds. The healing scales off your Max Health.

Set Rating:
4 out of 5.

Also Known As:
Master Weapons, Master 1H & Shield.

Which pieces are used:
Any time you use a set that can be used on the back bar only.

Where to obtain:
Dragonstar Arena (Craglorn).
Normal for None Perfected, Veteran for Perfected.

Set Weight:
Arena Weapon.

Which pieces to obtain:
One Hand and Shield.

This set gives you a huge heal each time you use your taunt and also buffs your resistances.

When you are in a situation where you need a lot of healing and you cant sustain just using your Magicka healing you can use this and combine both your Magicka healing skills and Stamina healing by utilising this with your Puncture while also likely pushing you to the resistance cap.

Any time you use a gear set that only needs to be on one bar such as Powerful Assault, Crimson Oath, Saxhleel Champion just to name a few – you use the back bar weapon and Jewellery leaving you with the front bar weapons free for an arena set.

This is a very good set in very high damage situations and is also very useful for dungeon bosses.

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