ESO Tank Sets – Pearlescent Ward

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Set bonus

2 items: Adds 1206 Maximum Health.
3 items: Gain Minor Aegis at all times, reducing your damage taken from Dungeon, Trial, and Arena Monsters by 5%.
4 items: Adds 4% Healing Taken.
5 items (Perfected): Adds 1206 Maximum Health.
5 items: Grants you and up to 11 other group members Pearlescent Ward. This bonus persists through death.
Pearlescent Ward increases Weapon and Spell Damage by up to 180 based on the number of group members that are alive. Current 180 Weapon and Spell Damage.
Pearlescent Ward increases damage reduction from non-player enemies out of 66% based on the number of group members that are dead. Current 0% damage reduction.

Set Rating:

  • Ease of use – 5/5
  • Ease to Obtain – 1/5
  • Usefulness to Tank – 4/5
  • Usefulness to group – 5/5
  • TOTAL – 3.75 out of 5

Also Known As:
Pearl, Pearlescent.

When to use:
All situations

Where to obtain:
Dreadsail Reef Trial (High Isle).
Normal for None Perfected, Veteran for Perfected.

Set Weight:
Heavy Armor.

Which pieces are used:
Body (All pieces for versatility).

This is a great Tank set thanks to it’s ease of use. It requires no micro-management and will provide a group DPS buff just by wearing it.

With Arcanist Tanks essentially replacing both Yolnahkriin and Crimson Oath with their skills, it leaves a much bigger gap for Pearescent to be used more frequently.

There are multiple ways to utilise this set in a range of groups. In an experienced group you might be expected to combine this with Powerful Assault to provide a large amount of Weapon and Spell Damage. For less experienced groups you might be expected to use this in place of Powerful Assault due to the fact this set requires no micro-management so it’s a much more useful set for inexperienced players or beginner groups.

The other side to this set is the defensive side to it. It has a situational defensive benefit for you and your group which can prevent a wipe to your group. When you have group members that die during a fight, depending on the size of your group and how many people are dead, your group will begin to gain a scaling damage reduction buff which will help you to recover a fight and prevent a wipe, the more people that are dead, the bigger the damage reduction buff.

This set works when it is equipped whether the person using it is dead or alive the group will still gain benefit from it.