2022 has passed us by and it’s been an eventful year.

It’s been a hugely successful year with The Tank Club website – we have consistently had over 100,000+ page views every month through 2022 and as we progress to 2023 we look to start building more information, guides and builds for more MMORPG games.

The Elder Scrolls Online – a game that has been a very important part of my life and the building blocks of The Tank Club has gone through some big changes, some controversy and some major bug issues that specifically effect Tanks. This has impacted us in a negative way with less interest in Tank related ESO content but has given us time to reflect and realise that we have to grow and build into new areas.

We have hundreds of pages and 300+ YouTube videos relating to ESO Tank content and information; in 2022 we started working on the New World MMO and we’ve gained huge success here too with our New World Tank Build page becoming the most viewed page on the site. As we look for new opportunities, we will attempt to grow and deliver the same quality information for potential PvE Tanks in New World as we have done for years in The Elder Scrolls Online.

As we move into 2023 we will begin covering updates, events and information from the Tank perspective for more MMORPG games. We’ll continue to deliver content relating to The Elder Scrolls Online and we’ll deep dive into more New World content but we’ll begin to add World of Warcraft and the retro MMO game Tibia into the mix as well. We’ll be covering information relating to the upcoming Ashes of Creations and as we grow we will cover many more games of the genre as well.

Our goal is to become the one stop shop for absolutely everything relating to the Tank role in the MMORPG world – builds and guides for Tanks alongside news, reviews, events and update information for as many MMO games that we can sink our teeth into!

Thank you for trusting us for your up to date Tank content and there’s plenty more to come.

Happy New Year
-TC Lee

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