ESO Tank Champion Points 2.0

Welcome to The Tank Club: ESO Tank Champion Points.

The Champion Point system is a great way to buff up your Tank and make you stronger and able to sustain for longer.

We have a generic Tank Champion Point template designed for CP160 to 1600 which focuses on damage mitigation and reduced cost, all of the things you’ll do regularly as a Tank. This is for standard Tanking of almost anything and is a strong option if you are looking for a general CP setup for a Tank.

As you progress into harder content there are ways to adjust your CP to maximise performance in different situations, we have some situational and Trial/Class specific Champion Points you can opt to use also.

If you have any questions about Tank Champion Points – Please ask in The Tank Club Discord

Tank Champion Points Guide | Elder Scrolls Online | Waking Flame

General Champion Point Information

This patch has brought some huge changes to the Champion Point system for Tanks.

  • Bracing Anchor Red CP is very good for reducing incoming damage especially at low CP however you will have a movement speed reduction so it can be hard if you use it outside of boss fights.
  • Celerity Red CP is a great addition for Tanks – For add pulls and fights where you need to move fast such as Asylum Sanctorium Off Tanking.
  • Fortified Red CP is only useful if you are taking unblocked damage. If you plan on blocking damage you don’t need any resistances now because Bracing Anchor has a bigger impact. This is more useful at low CP but loses value later.
  • Ironclad Blue CP is much more useful than Bulwark now, its about 5% more beneficial.
  • Rejuvenation Red CP got nerfed and it’s not worth the 50CP to max out for 90 recovery. Sustained by Suffering will give you 150 recovery if you have a negative effect active on you and this is quite easily achieved since its just any debuff or negative effect which are quite common on boss fights in Dungeons, Trials and Arenas. You can use this for a more reliable but smaller sustain benefit.
  • Ward Master Red CP can be good for any class that can utilise a damage shield such as DK or Templar.

Deadlands Tank CP 160 to 800

Deadlands Tank CP 900 to 1600