There are many Tank Gear Sets in The Elder Scrolls Online

In this article we are taking a look at the Top 5 Main Tank sets for Trials in The Elder Scrolls Online.

In the current Meta it’s difficult to suggest just one single setup for Trials Main Tanks, this is because you will be expected to use different gear depending on what your Raid Leader asks you to use and this varies also depending on Strategy, Group Experience Level, the Trial Difficult and how experienced the Tank is.
So lets take a look

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Top 5 Main Tank Sets | Elder Scrolls Online | Firesong

This set is only usually seen on Main Tanks in Cloudrest but it has other uses if you aren’t required to use some of the other sets. If you are going into new Trials, progressing harder content or your group are struggling getting past a certain boss or mechanic then using Sax will allow you to use a defensive ultimate such as a Barrier while still providing the Warhorn damage buff. It can also be good to extend your Major Force buff duration since the duration of this buff is dependant on how much ultimate you consume so on those occasions where you are sitting on your Ultimate a little longer than usually and maybe you use your ultimate when its on 500 then you’d provide a 33 second Major Force buff to your group.

Saxhleel Champion

If your group has Alkosh or Tremorscale along with Necromancers using Colossus then you start to run out of gear options. You can then consider Pearlescent Ward as this provides both a damage buff when your group are alive and a damage reduction buff when people are down and you don’t have to do anything at all to maintain it. The buff is almost as good as Minor Courage from Yolnahkriin but it’s active 100% of the time with zero effort so its an excellent set for a Main Tank when you have space to use it and perfect for a beginner especially who struggle with micro management of proc sets.

Pearlescent Ward

This is very good set, but like Crimson its situational. It replaces the need for Necromancers using the Colossus Ultimate. This is particularly good when either you don’t have enough Necros in your group or you want them to use an alternative Ultimate. When combined with Archdruid or Nazaray monster sets you can keep virtually a 100% Major Vulnerability uptime which is a great group damage boost. Some groups prefer to use Necro Colossus which negates the need for this set but because it’s easy to use, it has a high uptime and doesn’t require an Ultimate to provide the group damage increase, it can be a very strong set to use.

Turning Tide

With the current meta, many damage dealers will use medium armor meaning they will be under the pen cap. You can provide additional pen via gear but you only need one of the three options. You can use Crimson on the Main or Off Tank, the Main Tank can use Tremorscale or a damage dealer can use Roar of Alkosh. There is no need to use more than one of these options and sometimes an Off Tank will use Crimson. You can one bar this set which opens up the opportunity to use The Masters One Hand & Shield but it does require some effort to maintain the debuff that it applies to the enemies so its not as easy as Yolnahkriin and sometimes just not even needed.

Crimson Oath's Rive

This is the most common and useful Main Tank set in The Elder Scrolls Online. It offers a group damage buff while also being incredibly easy to activate and maintain making it the perfect Tank set. It’s always used by Main Tanks since they will taunt the most frequent in Trials.

Claw of Yolnahkriin

Notable Mentions

Powerful Assault – This is typically an Off Tank set however there are specific occasions where you may need it as a Main Tank. It can be a really good Main Tank set for Cloudrest since this is a hard stacked fight and places where you might only use one Tank such as Aetherian Archive, you may be asked to use this. It requires a large amount of micro-management so typically not a good thing when you’re the Main Tank.

Elemental Catalyst – This is often required for a Main Tank when doing Asylum Sanctorium simply because you are glued to the boss as the Main Tank and you’re group are often at range from you so you want to apply boss debuffs more than group buffs and Turning Tide doesn’t work very well in there so it’s really one of the only options.

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