ESO Tank Addons

Welcome to my list of ESO Tank Addons.

There are a huge amount of addons that can be important to help with Tanking. These are just a few suggestions of addons used by me, but feel free to look for alternative addons that do a similar job if my choices are not what you are looking for.

For a direct source to ESO Addons check out

You can also use Minion which is a program that basically does all the work for you, all you do is browse the listed addons and install them and it sorts everything for you. Check out Minion for that.

Some of the addons I use are custom built addons that are made by people and then not imported onto ESOUI, the only way to get these would be to ask for them on The Tank Club Discord.

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Combat Addons

These addons are all general combat addons that are used for everything from Trials, Dungeons and Arenas and even use in overland content and quests.

Action Duration Reminder : Action Bar Mods : Elder Scrolls Online AddOns (

This addon will add a number to the skills on your skill bar to display how long is left on the duration of your skills. You can also choose to have on screen alerts for when a skill is ending which can help you to remember to recast skills as they are coming to an end and support you with maintaining your skills, buffs and uptimes. You can also look in your settings in game and turn on the Ability Timers which function in a similar way to this addon that puts timers on your skill bar.

AiM’s Synergy Tracker : Buff, Debuff, Spell : Elder Scrolls Online AddOns (

This addon helps you to track the synergies that you have used so you can keep track of the cooldowns you are on for each synergy, plus you can request specific synergies from your group to help maintain Alkosh. Not as useful if you are not using Alkosh anymore.

Buff The Group (BTG) : Buff, Debuff, Spell : Elder Scrolls Online AddOns (

Buff The Group allows you to select a group buff and track it on all of your group members. This would mostly be used for tracking Powerful Assault on all of your group members, or for tracking specific group buffs such as Minor Prophecy and Minor Sorcery.

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Code’s Combat Alerts : Combat Mods : Elder Scrolls Online AddOns (

This is a fantastic combat addon that displays notifications about a wide range of mechanics, in a wide range of places telling you when you block and roll dodge certain attacks or displaying when they are happening. This addon works in such a huge variety of places mostly Dungeons and Trials but you’ll even get some notification is pretty much any environment. This is a must have addon because it will quite often provide you with combat information allowing you to react quickly to the ongoing situation.

Combat Metrics : Combat Mods : Elder Scrolls Online AddOns (

This addon is good for checking the reports of your recent combat situations. The reason this is important for a Tank is to analyse performance and also check on how well you perform with regards to maintain your uptimes on important buffs and debuffs. You can also see information about your healing, resource usage, damage taken and much more.

Dressing Room for Stonethorn : Action Bar Mods : Elder Scrolls Online AddOns (

One of the most vital addons to exist. This allows you to pre-set a set of gear and skills to a hot key and then quickly change gear at the press of a button. This is amazing in Dungeons, Trials and Arenas where you might want to change a few skills depending on the fight or maybe switch a Jewellery trait or something so you would setup your pre-sets and then when you need that setup you press your hotkey and switch it over.

ExoYs ProcSet Timer : Buff, Debuff, Spell : Elder Scrolls Online AddOns (

This addon will track proc sets and show you when it’s active, when its on cooldown and when you are proc it again. This is a fantastic addons for tracking pretty much every set including Yolnahkriin, Powerful Assault, Encratis’s Behemoth, Drakes Rush and more.

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Hodor Reflexes – DPS & Ultimate Share : Combat Mods : Elder Scrolls Online AddOns (

This is an important group addons. You need to have it setup to share your Ultimate and also, all supports in your group should do the same. This allows the addon to track and call Warhorn and gives you the visibility to see all the other Warhorns in the group and how much Ultimate those people have. This is vital for organised groups so that you can see when people have Ultimate but also make sure that mistakes are not being made such as a double Horn.

Martial Knowledge Tracker : Buff, Debuff, Spell : Elder Scrolls Online AddOns (

An addon used for tracking Martial Knowledge. Not usually maintain by a Tank but sometimes it can be a useful options and this will help you track when to proc the set.

Olorime : Buff, Debuff, Spell : Elder Scrolls Online AddOns (

An addon that shows you your Olorime buff and when it can be activated again. Useful in a couple of fights as a Tank but mostly in dungeons.

PleaseJustDebuff : Buff, Debuff, Spell : Elder Scrolls Online AddOns (

This is a customisable addon that will be placed right in the centre of your screen on the cursor. There are a range of addons that do a similar thing to this one and it is all down to personal preference. This addon will displace a set of coloured number and abbreviations in the middle of the screen showing you whatever information you want to track such as Alkosh uptime, Crusher uptimes, Taunt, Magickasteal, Minor Brittle, Taunt Immunity and more. You can customise and track whatever you want so you know when you apply and recast certain abilities and buffs/debuffs.

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Purge Tracker : Buff, Debuff, Spell : Elder Scrolls Online AddOns (

Purge Tracker tracks who in your group has an effect that must be purged. Most purgeable effects e.g. snares are not tracked; this addon only tracks a specific set of pre-defined effects that are generally considered to be purge priorities.

The list of “must-purge” effects in this game is rather short; healers and tanks are required to slot a purge ability for only a few specific instances in PvE. As a result, this addon will enable itself only if it detects that the player is in one of the instances listed.

Stagger Tracker : Dragon Knight : Elder Scrolls Online AddOns (

This is an addon you can use to assist with tracking and following the uptime on the Stagger debuff from Stone Giant on a DK Tank. I personally prefer to use the in game boss debuff tracker as its already simple enough. But this is a good alternative if needed.

Untaunted : Tank : Elder Scrolls Online AddOns (

Untaunted is an addon that will help you track your taunt. You can customise the addon to track other things on enemies but the main reason to use it is for keeping track of taunts on multiple enemies.

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Trial Addons

These are trial specific addons that display extra information or mechanic alerts for specific trials and arenas.