ESO Tank Sets – Saxhleel Champion

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Set bonus

2 items: Adds 1096 Maximum Magicka
3 items: Gain Minor Aegis at all times, reducing your damage taken from Dungeon, Trial, and Arena Monsters by 5%.
4 items: Adds 1096 Maximum Stamina
5 items: When you cast an Ultimate ability while in combat, you and up to 11 group members within 28 meters of you gain Major Force for 1 second per 15 Ultimate spent, increasing your Critical Damage done by 20%.
5 items (Perfected): Adds 1096 Maximum Stamina

Set Rating:

  • Ease of use – 5/5
  • Ease to Obtain – 2/5
  • Usefulness to Tank – 4/5
  • Usefulness to group – 4/5
  • TOTAL – 3.75 out of 5

Also Known As:
Sax, Saxhleel.

When to use:
Off Tanks – usually Necromancers.

Where to obtain:
Rockgrove Trial (Blackwood).
Normal for None Perfected, Veteran for Perfected.

Set Weight:
Heavy Armor.

Which pieces are used:
All pieces for versatility but mostly used as a back bar set with Ice Staff and Jewellery.

This set works well with a Necromancer Tank especially for the combination of Major Force and Colossus/Major Vulnerability. It will also work well with an Arcanist Tank using Resonating Glyphic, a Sorcerer Tank using Storm Atronach, and a Dragonknight Tank using Magma Shell. If can be used by all classes combined with Barrier for additional group safety.

This is not a vital set in the sense that you need it for all content – It is somewhat a bit underwhelming in Dungeons and Arenas and is at its peek of usefulness within a Trial environment.

The reason why this set is useful is due to the fact you can use some other Ultimate but still gain the Major Force buff that comes from Aggressive Horn. So in the case of a Necromancer, you can use a Colossus Ultimate and still gain the benefit of Major Force also for a 2-for-1 effect, most other classes would use something like Barrier.

The downside to this is you actually lose a little DPS from the lack of resource gain that you get from Aggressive Horn, so that Ultimate buffs your Magicka and Stamina by 10% which adds some DPS gain, so the most effective way to use this set is to wedge it between 2 people using a standard Aggressive Horn so you benefit from having the stats and the Major Force and whatever benefit from the Ultimate that you have used.

A great benefit to using Saxhleel is that if you are progressing a Trial or your group are having a really hard time surviving then you can use a defensive Ultimate such as Barrier and still gain Major Force so you are not really having an adverse effect on your group, you are still buffing them but also giving them a huge amount of additional safety and for some groups this will be very advantageous for progression.

This set can also be helpful in situations where you want a longer uptime of Major Force. If you can build Ultimate fast then you can get a higher Major Force than you get from Aggressive Horn.