ESO Tank Monster Sets – Nazaray

Set bonus

1 item: Adds 1206 Maximum Health.

2 items: When you use an Ultimate ability, the closest 6 enemies within 12 meters have Major Debuffs, and Minor Debuffs applied to them extended by 1 second per 20 Ultimate spent. This effect can occur once every 30 seconds per target.

Set Rating:
4 out of 5.

Where to obtain:
Veteran Shipwright’s Regret, Urgarlag Chief-bane.

This is a strong monster set for any boss fight in The Elder Scrolls Online when combined with Turning Tide/Major Vulnerability and Minor Brittle along with other debuffs especially.

What this does is, any Major or Minor debuff that is applied to an enemy, upon using an Ultimate – this set will increase the duration of all Minor and Major Debuffs depending on how much Ultimate you spent.

It does not scale off the cost of your Ultimate, it’s based upon the actual amount of Ultimate that was used so if you have 500 Ultimate and cast a 200 Ulti-cost skill, it will extend the debuffs based on the 500 that was spent.

The reason it is so strong is because you can progress through a Trial or Dungeon, ensure that you are saving up your Ultimate during add pulls so you can get to 500 Ultimate. Once you reach a boss, you proc Turning Tide, then cast an Aggressive Horn with 500 Ultimate, and now you have a 35 second duration of Major Vulnerability on a boss which means your group are dealing a ton of damage.

This set is not useful during add pulls since it activates off Ultimate use and adds die too fast to really benefit you long extended durations of Major and Minor Debuffs. You should use a different Monster Set for add pulls and switch this on for bosses.

This does not work well on a Necromancer using Colossus. There is a delay to the proc of Major Vulnerability from a Colossus and Nazaray will proc on cast, so this doesn’t work. If you have someone use a Colossus and someone else use a Nazaray/Horn a few seconds after then it can work well.

Since the introduction of Archdruid Devyric, that set would be the stronger option if you are focussing on just Major Vulnerability since it doesn’t quite ultimate use to proc it so it’s much easier to maintain the 100% uptime.

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