ESO Tank Mythics – Esoteric Environment Greaves

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(1 item) While you are above 50% Stamina, reduce your direct damage taken by 50% and lose 968 Stamina whenever you take direct damage, up to once every 0.3 seconds.

Set Rating:
2 out of 5.

Also Known As:

When to use:

Where to obtain:

  • Biome-Proof Plating – ?
  • Harvester-Scale Plating – Gorne Public Dungeon Bosses
  • Nonreactive Cincture – ?
  • Thras-Crafted Breeches – ?
  • Tonal Pivot Joints – ?

Set Piece:

This mythic basically auto-blocks single target attacks without the need to actually block. It’s hard to say when this might be useful as it still costs Stamina when you get hit the benefit however is your Stamina recovery is always on.