Boss Hunt The First Mechanics Guide

This is a short guide on how to do the Wayfinder boss hunt called “The First”.

You used to be able to cheese this fight but not anymore so this is just a guide to show you how to do the mechanics since a lot of people seem to be struggling in game from my personal experience.

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  1. Ground AoE – follows 1 person, don’t move it over other group members and just roll after 2 seconds. If you also turn around and look at the AoE it fills up like a metre before it hits.
  2. Beams – 1 for each group member, just sidestep them
  3. Boss in the middle air – kite AoE, look at the square in the middle it also starts going clockwise as a + through the square, just follow it and don’t get hit, it then does it again in an X through the square going anti-clockwise. When using a sword and shield you can block it.
  4. Second boss in the air phase – same again but once this ends you get the AoE bombs mechanic, spread out from your group and don’t stand still just run out of the AoEs, when there are a lot, dodge out.
  5. Floor break – you get send down to the next part of the fight where most people struggle, you cannot cheese this part anymore by jumping off the side.
  6. Wall mechanic – always stand in the very centre since you know you have the whole + of tiles to walk on, spin your camera until you can see the wall, now just walk around it and always return to the middle so you know the safe path to walk on. The first phases the walls all appear in the same direction. You can also block through the wall if you have enough stamina.
  7. Boss mechanic where it shoots projectiles just stand close to the boss and they don’t hit you.
  8. Wall mechanic phases 2 – same thing again but now the wall appear in waves in different directions, so you’ll get a few from one direction then spin your camera and they’ll be coming from a different direction and then a 3rd direction
  9. In execute the boss throws down bombs, A LOT of bombs so if your group has lower DPS, dodge out away from the boss to avoid them or with a Wingrave Divine Aegis to just stay in and burn the boss.

If you don’t kill the boss quickly in execute it will become extremely difficult as the bombs almost never stop dropping over the entire arena so if you are melee damage it’s hard but range will find it easier.

That is all you really need to know. The wall mechanic is what seems to catch most people out, so once you master that, this hunt becomes a lot easier!