Boss Hunt Dread Legion Mechanics Guide

If you’ve been playing through the Wayfinder main story quest, it’s likely you’ve come face to face with the Dread Legion, Wayfinders most dreaded and painful boss fight. Everything you’ve learned up to this point will not help you in this boss battle, you are not prepared for the abomination this sphere 1 essential main story quest boss hunt has to offer, but fear not I am here to help and show you how to do this fight!

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First things first, make sure you have your potions topped up, you’ll need all 6 most likely during your first tries through this fight. You’ll also want to NOT do this using the group finder, look for a group to do it with who are patient or need to complete it themselves or just simply solo it. Its far easier that way than trying to go through with the group finder and dealing with other people who become toxic if you miss the jumps even if its your first time in here.

When you enter the first room and fight this 1 enemy, this is the mechanic teaching part. You kill Seer, it drops a golden orb on the floor which is a bomb, you walk into it to pick it up and then you light attack the Husk to pass the bomb to it and then you run away. If the enemy hits you they pass the bomb back. Once the AoE fills up the bomb explodes and the enemy dies.

Next, the first jump phase. The jumping across platforms is so horrible in this fight because you’re also taking damage and if you don’t go on time and sprint then you wont make it. As you walk to the first platform it begins to appear but DO NOT jump across yet because you won’t have time. Wait for it to disappear and then come back again so you have the full time to make the jump. Also stay back for a few seconds or else you’ll begin to take a constant tick of high damage. When the platform gets the square pixels and starts to go away you have 5 seconds before it returns, so step right to the edge after 3 seconds and get ready to sprint and jump, make sure to use a health potion if you are under half health as you wont have time to use it when jumping. Double jump to the first platform, sprint then double jump again to the second platform and then this is the first of three jumps done.

You cannot attack the boss now, you have to do the bomb mechanic we already mentioned, when you do enough of the bombs the boss falls to the ground and you go to town on it with all your damage. If soloing you might have to redo the bomb phase a couple of times. Don’t stand in any AoEs and the boss will only really do a single beam at this phase across the floor, move out of it. If the boss stands up and has the dark red plume of smoke, sends out a wall of purple and then does a circular AoE under itself then its time for jump phase 2.

Here again you should not run and jump straight away, you won’t have time. Wait for the platform to disappear and as soon as it reappears begin jumping across. You need to be right on the edge of the platform and double jump to make this one, you can easily miss the platform. You also don’t have time to leisurely run across so once you are near to the wall at the end, double jump towards the wall to begin the next boss phase.

On this part of the fight its just the bomb mechanic once again. The boss starts to do a few more mechanics now, it does a charge attack, it does a new beam mechanic where it sends out many beams all over the room, don’t get hit by them. Once again when you’ve done enough bombs the boss drops down, you do damage until you get the dark red plume, the purple wall and the circle AoE and it time to jump for the last time.

This third and final jump is hidden in the corner where the blue fire brazier is located, jump up and go right and you get to a platform that disappears, you need to wait for it to disappear and reappear then run across it, jump up the wall, take a left turn and for the last time, wait for the platform to disappear and reappear, run off the end and double jump onto the final platform. Make sure you are healing yourself before making the jumps if needed.

For the last time do the bomb mechanic, watch out for the new boss mechanics with the AoE spin attack and you are done!