Wayfinder Best Echoes

We’re diving deep into the world of Wayfinder echoes, revealing the Best-in-Slot (BIS) choices that will supercharge your build. We’ll guide you through the fusion process and explain where to find these coveted echoes. So, let’s get started!

These are my top picks for Wayfinder echoes. What are your favourites? Share your thoughts in The Tank Club Discord!

Fusing Echoes

Wasting time and hoarding resources can be a gamer’s nightmare. Like many players, I’ve held onto my echoes, fearing I’d squander valuable materials on subpar fusions. So, I conducted tests to determine just how efficient fusion really is.

When you fuse an echo with others to level it up, you enhance your character’s power and stats. Take, for example, a Blue Echo with an XP value of 1350. Fusing it with an 831 echo boosts it to 2020 XP, resulting in a loss of 161 XP, which is slightly over 10% of its value. I found that upgrading Blue Echoes is worthwhile, as you gain significant initial stats and power, all while you continue your hours-long quest for the elusive purple versions.

Now, let’s explore the Best-in-Slot echoes for each slot type!

Attack Echoes

For maximizing damage, you’ll need to choose between Weapon Power (WP) or Ability Power (AP). While crit isn’t as crucial currently, it has its uses in specific setups.

  • Bloodletter (Weapon Power & Break Power): Ideal for WP-focused builds.
  • Hollow One (Ability Power): Your go-to choice when stacking AP.
  • Talon (Ability Power + Crit Power): Use this for crit-oriented AP builds.
WF Bloodletter
WF Hollow One
WF Talon

Guard Echoes

Boost your survivability with Guard echoes.

  • Frostbeak Echo (Max Health + Phys Defense): Provides both health and defense, making it a top choice for Guard slots.
WF Frostbeak

Balance Echoes

Find a balance between power and resilience.

  • Hollow Horror (Weapon Power & Resilience): Great for WP and a touch of survival.
  • Goblin Seer (Ability Power + Mag Defense): The bonus Mag Defense complements your Ability Power.
WF Hollow Horror
WF Goblin Seer

Cross Echoes

Optimize your build with Cross echoes.

  • Shroudstalker (WP + Mag Def): Perfect for Weapon Power with added Mag defense. If survival is your priority, consider Bonestomper for more health.
  • Old Ur’tos (WP + Break Power): Exceptionally powerful but also resource-intensive, best suited for purple maxed echoes.
  • Hollow Queen (HP + AP): Offers a significant AP boost along with some max health.
WF Shroudstalker
WF Bone Stomper
WF Old Urtos e1694005408576
WF Hollow Queen

Where do you farm these Echoes? Many of them can be found in any of the Reaver Woods Expedition, but Hollow Heart is typically the best place to farm them as you’ll be in a great location for almost all of the best Echoes.