Boss Hunt Storm Twins Mechanics Guide

This is a quick mechanics guide for the Wayfinder Boss Hunt, the Storm Twins. This is a fairly basic fight but many people in game keep dying to the same mechanics so we’re here to give you a breakdown on every mechanic to lookout for and how to deal with it!

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This is not a complicated boss hunt but you’re likely to experience plenty of struggling here if your team mates don’t pay attention.

Firstly you come up against 2 bosses – 1 Archer boss and 1 Sword and Shield boss.

The idea with this fight is that you’re supposed to kind of kill both bosses at the same time, when you don’t the boss that remains starts doing mechanics more often.

Even still you want to go into this fight and fully focus the archer. The archer causes the majority of problems in this fight and the mechanics you need to look out for are:

  • Thin line arrow shot – It’s a locked on target arrow shot that does a bit of damage, you can block or dodge it at the last second, if you’re a ranged player then just don’t stand still and it won’t hit you.
  • Thick line arrow shot – It’s the same as the other one but more damage if it hits you.
  • Boss jump AoE – This boss jumps to a new location and does AoE damage which you can block or move out.
  • Arrow Splash AoE – The boss makes many AoEs appear on the floor but only 2 of them will have arrows shooting down for a few seconds. This is the most dangerous mechanic and its also what kills most people. The blue arrowed area will kill you within a couple of seconds so you need to be out of it. For melee players it means you might not be able to hit the boss for a few seconds so just try to move onto the other boss or just wait until the effect ends, just do not stand near it.

The Sword and Shield boss just seems to wander around waiting for you when you focus the archer doing a few attacks which are very manageable to deal with, but it does have some dangerous mechanics which are amped up once you kill the archer.

  • Sword Throw – This is one of the main mechanics that does damage, the boss throws its weapon like a boomerang which does damage on the way out and the way back in, block or avoid it when it’s targeted on you.
  • Jump Slam – The boss jumps and punch slams the ground, dodge out or else it will damage and stagger you.
    Bigger Jump Slam – This the same as above but its a bigger AoE that fills most of the room, block it.
  • Full Room AoE – The boss sends swords spinning around for a few seconds in a massive AoE, you can be inside or outside of it and it won’t damage you just don’t walk through it or stand in it.
  • Light Attacks – The boss hits a range of light attack and back hand combos which don’t do too much damage.

It’s not a complicated fight but just make sure to avoid the targeted archer shots, don’t stand in the blue arrows and look out for the boomerang throw, kill the archer fast and this fight becomes much simpler when only 1 boss is doing attacks.