WoW Vengeance Demon Hunter Tier Bonuses

Let’s take a look at the Vengeance Demon Hunter Tier Bonuses in the World of Warcraft 10.1 update!

Coming right out and saying it, when I first read this tier set, I was disappointed, but with some testing I’m starting to see some real potential for it.

2pc: Soul Fragments heal for 10% more and generating a soul fragment increases your fire damage by 2% for 6s, overlapping.

Soul Fragments by and large is the most significant source of our self-sustain, a 10% buff to that is going to be noticeable coming from our current season where at times it can feel like it’s not enough at times. Generating a soul fragment increases our fire damage by 2%, in AoE this is easily accomplished with talents like Fallout, Fracture & Soul Sigils (as well as other options), this will have easy uptime, and gain us a slight dps boost, although dps is not currently my personal issue with Vengeance.

4pc: Fracture deals fire damage, and after consuming 20 soul fragments, your next cast of Fracture will apply Fiery Brand for 6s to its target.

After doing some testing with this tier bonus, it does intend to spread when you talent into the Fiery Brand build, giving you consistent and easily spreadable uptime on Fiery Brand. Without once actually hitting any of my 2 charges of Fiery Brand the tiers proc alone did 5% of my overall damage in 2m.

There is potential here for good damage gains and defensive benefit, it unfortunately seems to make you want you to go more into the right side of the talent tree to make the most of these buffs. In a previous video I discussed some current problems with Vengeance and the tree, having to spend 7 points in the tree to gain 100% combat uptime on Demon Spikes was one of the issues, the fiery brand build forces out some of those talents, which can be a problem. This tier set could help alleviate some of those problems, but would require a smarter play around and knowing when to kite. By the end of testing I do feel more confident about this tier bonus and its potential, but I still feel that to make the most of what Vengeance can be, the tree would require a small rework alongside. There does seem to be some Band-Aid type fixing being attempted, whether it will fully work or not is yet to be seen, those running bleeding edge keys may find this set underwhelming, but those running lower end content who are confident in their survival, will find this set to be a lot of fun