Wayfinder Echoes Which To Keep & Which To Scrap

In the vast and mysterious world of Wayfinder, a new update is on the horizon, poised to address a pressing issue that has been plaguing adventurers. Many players have found themselves grappling with performance problems, all because of their ever-increasing stash of echoes. Soon, Wayfinder will grant us the power to deconstruct these echoes into precious dust, offering a solution to this conundrum. But, as with any valuable resource, the question remains: which echoes should you turn to dust? With a limit of 300 echoes in your possession, you can’t afford to hoard them all. This article aims to provide guidance on making the most out of this upcoming update.

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Echoes Management: Not a Simple Task

At first glance, it might seem tempting to deconstruct anything that doesn’t belong to the echelon of “best” echoes, as discussed in previous guides. However, the decision is not that straightforward. You’ll have to consider various factors, such as the potential need for echoes with low-level characters and weapons, or fitting those high-cost echoes into your limited inventory slots while ensuring they contribute to your build.

To make this process more manageable, let’s break it down by categories and sort the echoes alphabetically, which can be achieved by selecting “Sort By: Recently Acquired.” The first decision to make is whether you want all your characters and weapons to be fully equipped with echoes or if you’ll be swapping echoes between them. Eventually, inventory space will become a precious commodity, making the latter option more viable.

Attack Echoes

When it comes to attack echoes, consider the following recommendations:

  • Blaster Echo: With low cost and high stats, it’s a keeper.
  • Bloodletter Echo: Keep blue, green, and purple variations, and vary their levels for cost-effectiveness.
  • Bonebreakers: Discard commons.
  • Codex Sage: Retain blue and discard common and uncommon.
  • Deadeye: Delete low-quality ones and keep blue/purple.
  • Duskhunter: Keep blue and purple.
  • Goblin Hunter: Keep a few blue/purple.
  • Goblin Scavenger: Keep only a couple of high-quality ones.
  • Hollow One: Keep several, both leveled and un-leveled.
  • Ice Blaster: Keep a couple of high-quality ones.
  • Ichorling: Keep some for low-level characters and weapons.
  • Rivenmaw: These are excellent; keep them.
  • Shrike Skirmisher: Retain purple and a few blues.
  • Silk Mistress: Useful for hybrid stacking; consider keeping a few.
  • Talon Echoes: Similar to Bloodletter echoes; delete low-quality and keep a mix of leveled and un-leveled ones.
  • Tiding Echoes: Decent for low cost; keep high-quality ones and delete the rest.

Guard Echoes

Guard echoes are generally easier to manage. Keep all purple quality guard echoes, but consider deleting the majority, especially those with defense echoes. Focus on Max Health and Resilience. Keep Bloodbag, Codex Initiate, Frostbeak, Oracle, and a few Wretch for their low cost.

Balance Echoes

Balancing and Cross echoes require more consideration due to their multifaceted nature. Keep all epic quality echoes.

For Balance Echoes:

  • Archon: Keep a few for their low cost.
  • Balgrim Beacon: Discard.
  • Bonebinder: Discard.
  • Goblin Seer: Keep a couple of high-quality ones for AP balance.
  • Herald Echo: Discard.
  • Hobgoblin: Keep for low-level characters.
  • Hollow Horror: Keep if possible.
  • Ichor: Keep a couple of high-quality ones.
  • Prophecy: Discard.
  • Reaver Warbear: Keep for their break power.
  • Rime Mistress: Discard most.
  • Seer Echoe: Keep 1 or 2 high-quality ones.

Cross Echoes

For Cross Echoes:

  • Archon Commander: Keep a few.
  • Blood Warden: Keep high-quality ones for future tank builds.
  • Bonestomper: Keep.
  • Crystal Phoenix: Keep 1 or 2.
  • Dire Prophecy: Keep a couple.
  • Duskhunter: Keep.
  • Duty Echoes: Discard.
  • Emissary: Discard.
  • Forgone Emissary: Keep high-quality ones.
  • Grim Morning Star: Keep a couple.
  • Guardian: Discard.
  • Hollow Queen: Keep many, leveled and un-leveled.
  • Hunter: Keep.
  • Ice Lancer: Discard.
  • Loot Goblin: Discard.
  • Loot Phoenix: Discard.
  • Nights Maw: Keep a few.
  • Shroudstalker: Keep a few despite mag defense.
  • Stomper: Discard.
  • Stormshrike: Keep a few high-quality ones.
  • Earth Shaker: Discard.
  • Fire Brand: Keep a couple.
  • Highland Horror: Keep a few.
  • Mindmaster: Keep.
  • Silent Butcher: Keep a few.
  • The Woods: Discard.
  • Third Keeper: Discard.
  • Truth Echo: Keep a few.
  • Turach: Keep.
  • Tyran’s Bane: Keep a couple of high-quality ones.
  • Vaelor’s Blood: Keep some.
  • Willow Witch and Wisdom: Discard most, keep purples.
  • Wurm Echoes: Discard.

Conclusion: An Echo-Free Future

This guide covers a substantial portion of echoes that may be crowding your inventory.

For Rush echoes, keep 1 to 2 of each, aiming for high-quality versions to reduce slotting costs. While Rush echoes may be bugged at the moment, their utility could increase with future fixes. Mix and match these echoes wisely to adapt to different characters and situations. With this strategy in mind, you can look forward to a more streamlined and efficient adventure in Wayfinder.