#1 Wayfinder Gold Farming Guide

Gold is something you are going to need a lot of if you plan to craft and progress multiple characters and weapons in Wayfinder! We’ve tested all of the expeditions in the game to figure out just exactly what is the best way to farm gold in Wayfinder and here is what you need to know!

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Setting Up

Before you get started you’ll ideally want to have the Grand Deceiver Artifact to maximise your gold gains, when you have this activated you get more gold. You also want a high level weapon and character, although I sometimes use weapons that I need to level up with a maxed character to make use of the exp I gain through these dungeons, but weapons with AoE cleave damage are particularly great.

So the way gold gains work is that the higher sphere and higher level expedition you do, the more gold you gain from chests and other gold sources. So what this means is you’ll always gain more gold from chests in Hollow Heart compared to everywhere else, the problem is that this is a bad expedition for gold farming due to the terrible layout and lack of chests.

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Which is the best Expedition?

The best dungeons are those that are narrow, linear and don’t contain too many dead ends and multiple directions to turn. You’ll see a lot of people farm the Repository for gold but this also actually provides less gold than the best place which is a Sphere 4 Undercroft with a Greed Imbuement.

A few reasons why this place is the best:

  • It’s linear and easy to navigate
  • Enemies are fairly low level and not dangerous
  • Finding chests and materials is fast and easy

The greed imbuement is actually really strong because not only does it leave the gold piles on the ground but you also gain gold when hitting resource nodes and picking up memory fragments. Memory Fragments only rarely come with a gold drop but resource nodes in particular are important because you gain anywhere from 10-40 gold for each one plus 11 gold per Argent Spectra which you can sell to NPC Venge.

Undercroft Greed

Which is the best Expedition?

Run through Undercroft collecting all gold piles, resource nodes, memory fragments and chests including puzzle chests. Don’t stop to kill enemies as it drastically slows you down and reduces your gold gains per hour, but you can kill some enemies if you can 1 shot and AoE kill them. Do stop to kill purple named enemies as these always drop something useful and if they drop accessories, these can also be sold.

It’s good to note that when fighting enemies you’ll be receiving more damage, since each time you pick up a gold pile you receive a stacking debuff and this can cause you to die more easily on the last boss or the ambush fights.

There will always be events during gold farming runs and you want to skip the long ones, but the ones worth doing include the chained chest events, Loot Goblin, Trickster and Green Cubes. You can do tracer events if you want but the delay on enemies spawning is too long for me.

The time it takes to a run is around 5-6 minutes, even with killing the ambush and last boss. You can skip the last boss if you can’t burn it in a few seconds but you’ll often miss out on extra accessories that can be sold.

From doing this you will earn in the region of 4-6k gold per run.

You’ll also have various level 19 and 20 accessories such as preserved claws, preserving boxes, silver fleece and spoons of good fortune which sell for between 370 to 577 gold along with stacks of Argent Spectre, once you sell all of those the value of each run goes up to anywhere in the region of 6-9k per run!

Greed Debuff
NPC Venge

This leaves you with a potential earning of 60k to 100k gold per hour!

This is depending on some luck with the amount of chests and valuable items, this doesn’t include loadscreens because they also vary in time, but still the easiest way for the vast majority of players to farm gold in Wayfinder!