Wayfinder Best Accessories

Now I know a lot of people are frustrated with Accessories and the reason for this is they have a mega low drop rate. The Beastmaster accessories for example have a 0.5% chance to drop, not only that but they also have a chance to drop at level 29 or level 30 if you do sphere 2, and then they also have the chance to drop with varying Echo slots. So all in all you will find yourself needing to do potentially hundreds of clears to get a accessories drop with level 30 and the echo slots that you want… Not ideal.

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When looking for accessories you need to be farming bosses and enemies that are close to power level 2313.

At this level you’ll obtain Level 29 and level 30 accessories, if you go too high you can end up looting accessories that are level 31+ and you cant use these. You also don’t need to use imbuements when farming unless you want a certain accessory that drops when a specific imbuement is active such as the Gloom Monstrosity Set which you get when a Shadow Imbuement is active.

It’s good to note that there are some decent accessory sets where you gain additional stats when you equip 2 or 3 pieces from the same set. But you don’t always need to equip a set as sometimes using individual 1 pieces can be just as good if not better.

If you are newer to the game it might be worth checking which accessories you can craft and try to pick up some crafted pieces to use while you farm the ones you want.

Weapon Power Accessories

First we have Weapon Power Accessories. There are 2 strong sets you can use for a weapon power build along with some individual pieces that are also strong.

Beast Master Set

Obtained from the Beastmaster

  • Fang of the Beast (Weapon Power, Health, Crit Rating)
  • Feather of War (Crit Power, Weapon Power, Health)
  • Master’s Horn (Break Power, Weapon Power, Health) Crafted

This is a really nice set for a number of different builds because it includes a lot of benefits including Weapon Power, increased Health, Break Power and some Crit. It combines damage, break power and survival which will help a lot of players in a lot of the Wayfinder content.

Beast Master Set

Blade and Thorn

Obtained from the Storm Twins

  • Brel’s Glove (Crit Rating, Crit Power, Weapon Power)
  • Azaar’s Art of Blades (Weapon Power, Crit Rating, Heath)
  • Briar Hilt (Crit Rating, Break Power, Weapon Power) Crafted

This is a much more damage focussed set with a lot more crit and less benefits to survival. You will benefit from potentially higher damage thanks to all of the Crit bonuses.

Blade and Thorn Set

For a full Weapon Power stacking build you can also go with the biggest Weapon Power accessories that are not part of a set but they will help you reach huge amounts of Weapon Power.

  • Bone Doll – Bone Orchid S2
  • Bright Burn Scarf – 2313 Zone with Solar Imbue – Shrouded Woods S4
  • Last Breath – Ry’vn or Dread Legion
Weapon Power

Ability Power Accessories

Next we have Ability Power accessories, and again we have two decent sets you can use and we have the individual accessories that can be combined to give big Ability Power benefits.

Gloom Monstrosity Set

Obtain from 2313 Zone with Shadow Imbue

  • Bottle of Shadows (Crit Rating, Weapon Power, Crit Power)
  • Essence of Night (Resilience, Crit Power, Ability Power)
  • Shadow-Inked Journal (Health, Crit Power, Ability Power) Crafted

This can be a decent set to pick up as it can be found in many different locations as long as you use a Shadow Imbue, it has a few wasted stats however if you are trying to focus into AP and then bottle of shadows has no AP benefits but an overall decent set.

Gloom Monstrosity Set

Hazardous Quarry Set

  • Spore Pendant (Ability Power, Crit Rating, Mag Defense) Crafted
  • Accursed Bracer (Crit Power, Ability Power ) Obtain from Mara’s The Grand Deceiver
  • Spider’s Fang (Crit Power, Ability Power, Crit Rating) Obtain from the Dread Legion

The Hazardous Quarry Set is harder to farm but it’s much more optimised for damage with a lot of AP and Crit. If you only want to farm one solid set then this would be the one.

Hazardous Quarry Set

If you just want to stack as much AP as possible then you would use these accessories which are not pieces together as part of a set

  • Horn of the Deceiver – Mara’s
  • Deceiver’s Ring – Mara’s
  • Burned-Out Tracer – Repository S4
AP Acc

Other Accessories

The last few accessories that might be useful for some builds include these pieces for Crit stackers

  • Ring of Absurdity Trickster Event
  • Mini Totem – Free people from the cells in Woods
  • Wayfarer’s Creed Set – 2313 Zone with Chaos Imbue with one piece crafted

Not many people are focussing heavily on crit at the moment, so these are not as frequently used especially since the Hazardous Quarry set will buff you with AP and Crit and Blade and Thorn does the opposite with WP and Crit.

Crit Acc
  • Sol’s Adherent Set – 2313 Zone with Solar Imbue Zone with one piece crafted

This is a nice little set which I’ve been trying on my Wingrave Tanky DPS build to buff up the Health, WP and BP, easier to get than Beastmaster…

Sol's Adherent Set