How much Health should a Tank have in ESO?

April 2022 – ESO Tank Health by TC Lee13

How much HP should a Tank have in ESO?

How much Health do you need in ESO?

Generally you need 40k Max Health to comfortably Tank in The Elder Scrolls Online so aim for that value by combining attributes, armor enchantments and champion points.

This will vary depending on the content you are doing sometimes you can use less or might be required to have less, and other times you may need a little more. Tanks with a higher level of experience may not need 40k either but 40k Max Health is a good number to aim for generally if you are doing Dungeons, Trials and Arenas on both Normal and Veteran.

You do need to balance your max stats. Stamina and Magicka are equally as valuable for Tanks, but having Higher Health is beneficial for your survival and some healing and shield skills that are used by Tanks scale with Max Health meaning the more Max Health – the bigger the heal/shield. Just remember that even with extremely high Max Health, if you don’t have Stamina you can’t block or roll dodge, if you have no Magicka you can’t heal, so don’t focus entirely on Max Health.

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ESO Tank Health
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