‘The Sentinel’ Wayfinder Wingrave Build

Table of Contents

Wingrave Build Introduction

This Wingrave build is aimed at group support as a hybrid of all three roles: Tank, Healer, and Damage.

You will be able to solo content, although at a slower pace than a full DPS build. However, this build will allow you to heal yourself and group members, stack enemies, deal a good amount of AoE damage, while also buffing survival and group DPS.

Currently, there is no need for a full Tank in Wayfinder because you cannot maintain 100% aggro on an enemy unless you are dealing the highest DPS. Healers are also scarce, so damage is king. Keep this in mind when setting up your build; this is the closest thing you’ll find to being an effective Tank in Wayfinder.

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Wingrave Build Stats

For this build, your main focus will be on Max Health and Weapon Power. This will provide good survivability and allow you to deal significant damage.

Aim for the following stats:

  • 3,000+ Health: A large health pool is the best survival tool for Wingrave. After 3,000 Health, you can focus on resistances.
  • 2,000 Resilience: This is the amount of your resilience bar located above your health bar, which is the amount of damage you can receive unblocked.
  • 5,000+ Weapon Power: Useful for increasing your damage output for your light attacks and weapon ability.
  • 2,000 Ability Power: This boosts the damage and healing output of your abilities.
  • 1,000+ Break Power: Useful for solo play to break enemies faster.
  • 3,000 Physical and Magical Defense: Apply some resistances after reaching 3,000 Max Health if you want to be more Tanky otherwise maintain focus on boosting Weapon Power.

If you want to go full support, stack Ability Power rather than Weapon Power, this will allow you to heal your group more but you’ll do a lot less damage.

These stats can be achieved by maxing your character and weapon, applying your Affinity, and slotting good Echos.

Wingrave Build Weapons

  • Radiant Dawn (Tank-focused option): Useful for harder content and survival. Improves block sustainability.
  • Grim Harvest (DPS-focused option): Strong for dealing damage within your hybrid build. Ideal for melee range combat.
  • Tooth and Claw (Currently bugged): Effective against spread-out enemies and best damage stats.
  • Legacy (Future release): The ultimate support weapon, providing a full group shield and weapon power buff.

Grim Harvest is a really strong weapon when trying to utilise damage within your build to become a strong hybrid Tank – its my personal favourite. As a melee character, Wingrave will often be in close range of enemies, and this weapons does AoE damage and stagger to enemies. The stats are not as damage focussed as Tooth and Claw, but I’d argue that the Bone Geyser ability is superior and it synergizes incredibly well with one of our Echo’s which we’ll discuss in a moment.

Radiant Dawn

Resilience 144
Weapon Power 180
Physical Defense 300
Crit Rating 180
Ability Power 180
Max Health 120

Wayfinder Radiant Dawn Weapon

Grim Harvest

Resilience 96
Crit Rating 240
Physical Defense 400
Weapon Power 120
Magical Defense 400
Ability Power 120
Wayfinder Grim Harvest Weapon

Tooth and Claw

Crit Power 120
Weapon Power 240
Crit Rating 240
Resilience 96
Ability Power 240
Max Health 80
Wayfinder Tooth and Claw Weapon


Ability Power 240
Resilience 96
Weapon Power 187
Crit Power 120
Mag Defense 400
Crit Rating 187
Wayfinder Legacy Weapon


Resilience 122
Weapon Power 153
Physical Defense 255
Crit Rating 153
Ability Power 153
Max Health 102
Wayfinder Vanguard Weapon

Wingrave Build Accessories

Accessories come as part of three piece sets and you can opt either to use a three piece set or focus on the individual stats gained from a specific accessory. Anything that increases Max Health and Weapon Power is the priority with secondary increases to Resilience, Break Power, and Phys/Mag Defense also useful.

If you want to obtain level 30 accessories then you need to complete content at power level 2313 or higher.

Beast Master Set

  • Feather of War (Increased Crit Power, Weapon Power & Max Health) – Obtain from the Beastmaster
  • Fang of the Beast (Weapon Power, Max Health & Crit Rating) – Obtain from the Beastmaster
  • Master’s Horn (Break Power, Weapon Power & Max Health) – Crafted

Flora Corruption Set

  • Gloom-Touched Claws (Max Health & Weapon Power) – Obtain from the Beastmaster
  • Corrupted Totem (Resilience, Weapon Power & Phys Defense) – Obtain from Aturach the Deathless
  • Charred Antler Pendant (Weapon Power, Resilience & Max Health) – Crafted


  • Goblin Disassembly Kit (Increased Weapon Power, Resilience & Break Power) – Obtain from the Loot Goblin

Wingrave Build Echoes

Focus on getting the echoes initially, then eventually try to farm them in purple quality along with upgrading them with any unwanted Echos.

For full support, prioritize Ability Power Echoes, and for DPS/Hybrid go with Weapon Power.

  • Attack Echoes: Bloodletter Echo (Weapon Power + Break Power)
  • Guard Echoes: Frostbeak Echo (Max Health + Phys Defense)
  • Balance Echoes: Hollow Horror Echo (Attack Power + Resilience)
  • Cross Echoes: Bone Stomper Echo (Max Health + Attack Power)
  • Rush Echoes: Maras Echo & The First Echo

I personally love Maras for Expeditions, when you dodge you leave a trap on the floor, it pulls enemies in and then explodes doing damage equal to 250% of your ability power, this does more damage when you go full support and AP stacking but is still great as it allows you to combo it with your Grim Harvest weapon ability to pull enemies, stagger and both things combines do a lot of AoE damage.

On boss hunts it might not be as effective so you could switch it to Trickster Echo which procs when you dodge and it will help keep aggro of enemies off your team but also can apply up to 4 debuffs. The other Rush echo you should use is The First which will buff your team when you double jump, it has a long cooldown but if you try to time it with other buffs and also when a boss is vulnerable it can be a really good DPS boost for your group. For more DPS you can use Commander Creed Echo for a WP build or The Argent Hand for AP.

Wingrave Build Affinity

Fully level up the purple Focus affinity for increased damage and reduced incoming damage, the most valuable Tank-related perk which also increases damage. Distribute five points into Instinct and five into Discipline for the additional perks of increased healing and guard break meter restoration.

Note: Affinity is currently “bugged” and you’ll eventually be able to max out 2 Affinities, as you’re supposed to get 1 more Affinity Point for a total of 30 but currently you can only get 29. This should be fixed with a later patch along with the ability to respec, at which point we’ll update this section.

Wayfinder Affinity
Wayfinder Affinity Perks

Wingrave Build Abilities

You are limited to the abilities you are given, but you can make seven upgrades. Focus on upgrading Righteous Strike to level 3 first due to the fact it will be getting used around every 2-3 seconds so the increased damage reduction, damage, healing and resilience gain is perfect.

Followed by level 3 Radiant Pulse to protect your group and do additional healing and damage.

You can choose to upgrade Judgement instead of Pulse if your group members don’t stand behind your Radiant Pulse shield, but just remember you can cast Pulse twice for every one Judgement.

Put the remaining point into Divine Aegis, the character ultimate. If you use level 3 Pulse then this leftover point could go into Judgement to make enemies receive additional break damage.

Don’t forget that Judgement is a Taunt ability, so it will draw aggro from nearby enemies.

Righteous Strike

Righteous Strike

Performs a powerful radiant strike. Incoming damage is reduced by 25% while performing the ability, and hitting an enemy will cause an explosion of healing energy to heal Wingrave and nearby allies. Cooldown refreshed upon using a melee finisher.


  1. Increases the damage reduction while using Righteous Strike by an additional 25%.
  2. Increase damage and healing by 15%.
  3. Healing from Righteous Strike also replenishes some Resilience.