‘The People’s Champion’ Wayfinder Senja Build

Table of Contents

Senja Build Introduction

This Senja build is aimed at being a damage support build used to pulling, stacking and burning enemies. We’ll focus on Weapon Power and Break Power to help her function well in both solo and group situations.

Senja is possibly one of the weakest Wayfinders in Season 1 with extensive updates and adjustments expected to make her more worth playing in Season 2.

She doesn’t posses the utility, healing and hybrid capabilities of Wingrave nor the Damage potential of Wayfinders such as Silo or Kyros so she has become one of the least popular characters to use.

Tanking is currently not useful in Wayfinder nor possible with Senja, she has no self healing or even any defensive tools aside from a slight damage reduction when Showboating and her Taunt skill is currently broken meaning this gameplay style is not yet possible.

What she does posses is some fun animations and a character design clearly created by a fan of Wrestling. With her Showboating you’ll see some popular WWE taunts including the Hulk Hogan ear cup to gain the fan approval, so if you are a fan of wrestling then this might be the build for you!

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Senja Build Stats

For this build, your main focus will be on Max Health, Weapon Power and Break Power. This will provide good survivability and allow you to deal significant damage.

Aim for the following stats:

  • 2,000+ Health: A large health pool is the best survival tool for Senja.
  • 2,000~ Resilience: This is the amount of damage you can receive unblocked before becoming vulnerable.
  • 7,000+ Weapon Power: Useful for increasing your damage output for your light attacks and weapon ability.
  • ? Ability Power: This boosts the damage and healing output of your abilities which isn’t really useful for Senja.
  • 2,000+ Break Power: Great for breaking enemies so they receive more damage.
  • ? Physical and Magical Defense: Currently not really worth stacking.

These stats can be achieved by maxing your character and weapon, applying your Affinity, and slotting good Echos.

Senja Build Weapons

  • Titan’s Bane: Big damage and break power, allows you to still block attacks and also does really good AoE damage. This works very well on Senja.

Titan’s Bane

Weapon Power 180
Ability Power 180
Crit Rating 180
Crit Power 180
Physical Defense 300
Magical Defense 300

Titan's Bane

Senja Build Accessories

Accessories come as part of three piece sets and you can opt either to use a three piece set or focus on the individual stats gained from a specific accessory. Anything that increases Max Health and Weapon Power is the priority with secondary increases to Resilience and Break Power are also useful.

If you want to obtain level 30 accessories then you need to complete content at power level 2313.

Beast Master Set (+10% Total Weapon Power, Max Health, Break Power)

  • Feather of War (Increased Crit Power, Weapon Power & Max Health) – Obtain from the Beastmaster
  • Fang of the Beast (Weapon Power, Max Health & Crit Rating) – Obtain from the Beastmaster
  • Master’s Horn (Break Power, Weapon Power & Max Health) – Crafted

This set give a boost to everything we could possibly want for a good Senja build with Weapon Power to increase damage, Max Health helping with survival and Break Power stacking really high so we can break bosses faster.

Senja Build Echoes

Focus on getting the echoes initially, then eventually try to farm them in purple quality along with upgrading them with any unwanted Echos.

For full support, prioritize Ability Power Echoes, and for DPS/Hybrid go with Weapon Power.

  • Attack Echoes: Bloodletter Echo (Weapon Power + Break Power)
  • Guard Echoes: Frostbeak Echo (Max Health + Phys Defense)
  • Balance Echoes: Hollow Horror Echo (Attack Power + Resilience)
  • Cross Echoes: Bone Stomper Echo (Max Health + Attack Power)
  • Rush Echoes: The Bloodspawn Echo & The First Echo

The plan with these Rush echoes is to focus on breaking the boss, once the boss is vulnerable you double jump and hit a heavy attack on your way down which procs both Echoes, then you just attempt to burn down the boss with heavy attacks and your weapon ability.

Senja Build Affinity

Fully level up the yellow Instinct affinity to gain access to increased Weapon Power stacking capabilities and the reduced damage taken while Snowboating. Distribute five points into Discipline and 9 into Focus for the additional perks of increased Weapon and Ability Power and more reduced incoming damage while Showboating.

Note: Affinity is currently “bugged” and you’ll eventually be able to max out 2 Affinities, as you’re supposed to get 1 more Affinity Point for a total of 30 but currently you can only get 29. This should be fixed with a later patch along with the ability to respec, at which point we’ll update this section.

Senja Affinity
WF Senja Perks

Senja Build Abilities

You are limited to the abilities you are given, but you can make seven upgrades. Senja really struggles within her abilities because they are some of the weakest in Wayfinder.

Firstly make Lightning Grasp level 3, this skill is amazing for stacking enemies, the 33% increased pull range is really good, it applies a slow so that enemies don’t leave the stack quickly after being pulled and then enemies take 30% more damage. All 3 of these ability buff are really nice and useful.

Next do Gladiator Pummel to level 3 purely because it increases the follow up Weapon attack damage by 15% which will help you to burn enemies.

The other abilities are not really that useful but the level 1 Gain Favor is the most useful since it’s going to be used more often than the Ultimate skill Grand Finale.

Gain Favor is a Taunt ability, but it’s completely broken and doesn’t taunt enemies.

Gladiator Pummel

Gladiator Pummel

Punch forward, then hold to Showboat. On release Senja punches again. Fully Showboating increases the damage of the followup punch.


  1. Next weapon attack within 5 seconds deals bonus Ability Damage.
  2. Increases fully charged punch damage by 20%.
  3. Increases followup Weapon attack damage by 15%.

Gain Favor

Gain Favor

Hold to Showboat for the roaring crowd. On release, taunts nearby enemies while buffing Senja and her allies, increasing Weapon Power and Ability Power for 10 seconds.


  1. Increases effectiveness of buff on a full hold by 50%.
  2. Damage taken while Showboating during Gain Favor is reduced by an additional 10%.
  3. Increases Crowd Meter gain from Gain Favor by 50%.

Lightning Grasp

Lightning Grasp

Use lightning to damage and pull all displaceable enemies in a large cone towards Senja.


  1. Increases pull range by 33%.
  2. Slows enemies hit by 30% for 6 seconds.
  3. Pulled enemies take 30% more damage for 6 seconds.

Grand Finale