ESO Tank Monster Sets

As a Tank in The Elder Scrolls Online you will generally be required to gather a range of different monster sets.

The most important and useful ESO Tank Monster Sets are those that provide some benefits to a group.

Here you will find a list of all of the most useful monster sets that you will need for all sorts of content when Tanking in ESO.

The sets are categorised in a certain way:

  • Group Support Tank Monster Sets:
    • These monster sets provide some kind of support to help your group to either increase their damage or reduce the amount of damage they receive. These are typically the monster sets you are likely to use in most situations if you are comfortable without a Sustain or Healing monster set.
  • Self Sustain Tank Monster Sets:
    • These are especially great for Beginner Tanks. They allow you to focus more on the fights and mechanics and worry less about resources and sustain. For more experienced Tanks you should be able to manage almost every fight without a self sustain set as they are consider to be selfish sets and they won’t help your group, but if you have particular situations that are difficult on sustain, or you are going into new content for the first time then these are the option available.
  • Healing Tank Monster Sets:
    • There will be some situations where you might be solo Tanking/out of group or in a high damage situation and you will benefit from the additional healing support. You might also consider using these sets when venturing into new content to help you deal with unexpected mechanics or incoming damage. You would consider these sorts of sets if you are in random groups or groups where you don’t know your healer or they underperform.
  • Utility Tank Monster Sets:
    • These sets provide various utilities in very certain situations for particular classes. Generally not used as a main staple set but they are used to make certain tasks easier.

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