ESO Tank Monster Sets – Symphony of Blades

Set bonus

1 item: Adds 4% Healing Done.

2 items: When you heal an ally who is under 50% of their primary resource, grant them Meridia’s Favor, which restores 570 Magicka or Stamina every 1 second for 6 seconds. This effect can occur every 18 seconds per target. The resource returned is based off the target’s highest maximum resource.

Set Rating:
1 out of 5 (Main Tank Using) 5 out of 5 (Group Utility).

Where to obtain:
Depths of Malatar, Urgarlag Chief-bane.

The best resource Monster set for almost every situation. You only need 1 person in a group to use this as it has an individual cooldown on each person of 18 seconds. If all 11 people other than the person wearing Symphony all reach the proc conditions at the same time it would give resources back to all 11 people at the same time, but generally its just going to give everyone in the group 3420 Magicka or Stamina over 6 seconds whenever they are under 50% of their resources. Its is active for 6 seconds and has an 18 second individual cooldown so essentially 12 seconds after gaining resources from Symphony you could start to gain them again if you meet the proc conditions.

The best option for this set is for one Healer to use it. This can be useful on the Tank in 4-person content with  no healer and very specific Trial situations, but it is very hard to proc and maintain as it can no longer proc from Blood Altar, so you need to use a physical healing skill now and actively heal your group to maintain it. You ideally never want to use this as a Main Tank as you typically always want to be able to receive the proc and you CANNOT proc this set on yourself.

Templar Tanks have easy access to proccing this set with Extended Ritual.

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