ESO Necrom Tank Builds

As we get closer to the release of The Elder Scrolls Online Necrom chapter on June 5th, we’ve been working hard to update the entire Elder Scrolls Online section of the website so you can prepare for the challenges ahead as we make our way into Apocrypha.

We are reviewing and updating every ESO page and build ready for the chapter release but we won’t be updating the individual trial builds any longer.

We’ve reached a point in ESO where its basically impossible to maintain builds for every trial since the gear you use will vary for every trial, every group, differ depending on other group members and different ideas from various raid leaders. We no longer have the luxury of running Yolnahkriin, Alkosh and Symphony as the Main Tank in trials anymore!

We’ll be working on an updated Beginner Tank Guide once the rest of the site is complete to help any new ESO players looking to get into Tanking.

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Arcanist Tank

The Arcanist is a new class that will be coming to Tamriel with Elder Scrolls Online Necrom. There’s a lot to know and learn so we’ve created a number of useful pages to help you get to grips with the new class.

Arcanist Tank Overview, Skills and Information

‘Apocrypha Warder’ ESO Arcanist Tank Build

Beginner Tank

If you’re a beginner Tank, we’ve got your back. These builds offer a more simplified option for newer Tanks to learn the role and get into content.

Beginner Tank Build

Necromancer Tank

The Souleater Necromancer Tank Build gets an update for Necrom – this is a fun Ultigen build but we also have you covered for more optimised dungeon content and setups for Trials too.

‘Souleater’ Necromancer Tank Build

Warden Tank

It’s been a while since the last update to the Frostburn Warden Tank Build – a lot has changed with the Tank meta so we’ve renamed the build to Frostborn Guardian! This is a double frost staff tank build with a range of gear and skill options so you can make it work in all content.

‘Frostborn Guardian’ Warden Tank Build

Dungeon Tank Build

The ever popular, all inclusive ESO Dungeon Tank Build. An optimised dungeon build for all classes! A build that will still work perfectly for Necrom and worth a look if you’re trying to optimise your Tank build for dungeon content.

Dungeon Tank Build

Sorcerer Tank

Another renamed build for Necrom with the Stormbound Sentinel – the renamed version of our Elemental Warrior Sorcerer Tank of the past. Again with the changed to ESO and the Tank Meta we’ve moved away from the previous setup to make use of more of the Sorcerers abilities for this electrifying Tank build.

‘Stormbound Sentinel’ Sorcerer Tank Build

Trials Main Tank

Necrom offers a potential change in the Tank meta thanks to the Arcanist. This build is a generic Trials Main Tank setup to provide a base which can be adjusted to meet each class and groups needs for a Main Tank in any Trial.

Trial Main Tank Build