ESO Templar Tank Class Skills and Passives

Aedric Spear

Puncturing Strikes
Use it for solo situations to do some damage.

Piercing Javelin
(Not Needed)

Focused Charge
This can be used alongside the Tormentor set to do AoE Taunting but this is not something that is advised for most content but could be useful for beginner Tanks in dungeons.

Spear Shards
This is a damage skill that provides a synergy to 1 person in your group and will also give back resources to anyone who uses it. The main use for this skill as a Tank is to place Olorime on your group from range. So in situations where you stand out of group, you can provide a great group buff while at the back of a room.

Radiant Ward → Morph of Sun Shield
This is a huge damage shield that scales with Max Health and costs Magicka. Templars have access to a number of healing over time skills but no burst heal. By using this in combination with those skills you can absorb damage with your damage shield while healing missing health via your healing over time. This is a great survival tool and fortunately it costs Magicka so you can use it a lot. When you do use it, it will also proc the Spear Wall passive that gives you extra mitigation from Minor Protection.

Piercing Spear
Increased damage passive, not that useful for Tanks but you can use it if you occasionally play as a Hybrid Tank.

Spear Wall
When using an Aedric Spear ability you gain Minor Protection which will work nicely alongside the use of Radiant Ward to reduce your incoming damage.

Burning Light
Another damage passive that should proc automatically from Shards or Ward. If you never use Shards or Ward then you’ll never proc the damage but if you want to do some extra free damage then this passive will do that.

Balanced Warrior
Extra resistances, always nice for a Tank.

Dawn’s Wrath

This causes Major Maim to enemies. You would only slot this if you are expecting a mechanic or fight that your group struggles with to help make it easier to deal with but usually you will just stick to using Warhorn, or Barrier for a defensive Ultimate.

Sun Fire
You would potentially use this skill if you are Tanking using Elemental Catalyst to maintain the fire weakness.

Solar Flare
(Not Needed)

Power of the Light → Morph of Backlash
This is not as essential as it used to be since you can now get Minor Breach from using your taunt Pierce Armor. It is still useful however in situations where you are at range or the Main Tank is at range or you have a number of adds to deal with. So in Asylum Sanctorium you could apply it to all of the spheres, or in Sunspire if the Main Tank is range tanking Lokkestiiz you would use this on the Main Boss so your group doesn’t miss 3k penetration. It also procs the Illuminate passive which is the main reason a Templar is needed in a Magicka group. If you don’t need the Minor Breach then use the other morph.

Purifying Light → Morph of Backlash
You could use this in situations where Power of the Light is not needed. You need to be using at least one Dawn’s Wrath skill and this will do a little bit of healing so it’s an option if you don’t have any other skill to use and this morph is better if you don’t need the Minor Breach because it costs Magicka so it will be better for your sustain.

Living Dark → Morph of Eclipse
As a Tank we benefit from this skill scaling with Max Health. When dealing with multiple enemies its actually a very good heal because it will tick every half a second, so if you are in an add pull and taking a lot of damage, you can pop this for a 3 second heal that will heal you potentially 6 times and because it scales with Max Health its a strong heal over time. It’s not quite a burst heal but if you combine it with other HoTs and Damage Shields it is a great survival tool for a Templar Tank.

Radiant Destruction
(Not Needed)

Enduring Rays
Only worth using if you have Living Dark, it will increase the duration of this. If you don’t this skill then its a bit pointless.

A good passive to increase Ultimate gain. It will give you Ultimate every 6 seconds so it works well with keeping up Power of the Light when casting that skill it will return the Ultimate from this passive.

This is the main Templar group buff and the main reason you would even use a Templar. It adds around 2k DPS to each of your Magicka DD’s, won’t help Stamina DDs. It’s easily maintained while you keep the uptime of Power of the Light or any of the Dawn’s Wrath skills.

Restoring Spirit
Important passive to help the sustain on a Templar, very vital passive.

Restoring Light

Rushed Ceremony
This is basically your burst heal. Not worth using because the heal is so low as it scales with Spell Damage and Max Magicka so it has a really high cost and real low healing potential. It can also heal someone else and not you so its a very bad option for a self heal. It’s better to rely on Radiant Ward along with your healing over time abilities that do scale with Max Health.

Ritual of Rebirth → Morph of Healing Ritual
This is the only way to guarantee yourself a burst self heal – Heals a similar value to Rushed Ceremony but is around 2k more Magicka to use since its an AoE Heal and will heal nearby people. You also gain Ultimate for using this via the Light Weaver passive if you heal anyone under 60% health. It’s an extremely expensive heal but its the best Magicka based heal available to a Templar Tank. This doesn’t scale with Max Health either so again its a fairly weak heal.

Radiant Aura → Morph of Restoring Aura
Applies Minor Magickasteal as an Area of Effect to all enemies that it hits, so its a good way to help group sustain during add pulls. While slotted gain Minor Fortitude/Endurance/Intellect increasing Health/Stamina/Magicka recovery, 10% Magicka recovery is nice, the others aren’t really necessary. This would likely be the better morph for Trials as you help your group sustain and you don’t really need the heal from Repentance, the Stamina from the other morph is nice but hard to benefit from in Trials.

Repentance → Morph of Restoring Aura
Gives the same recovery passives as Radiant Aura but will give you 3000 Stamina and you and your group 3000 health for each nearby corpse you absorb. This would be a great way to heal and sustain but the issue is that it’s usually boss fights where sustain becomes more difficult and you are unlikely to have any corpses available to repent on a boss fight. This morph would be excellent for 4-Man content as you’ll get a group heal plus Stamina for yourself.

Extended Ritual → Morph of Cleansing Ritual
This is one of the primary skills for a Templar Tank. It provides a group synergy to purge and cleanses negative effects. You can also use this to proc gear sets like SPC, Symphony and more because it covers a huge area and has a long duration you just place it on the ground and leave it to proc the sets. The heal will be a small heal over time but it works really well combined with other healing over time, and because its such a large healing area you dont need to keep replacing it, it will usually cover your full combat area.

Restoring Focus → Morph of Rune Focus
This is your main tool for Stamina sustain. It’s a very cheap skill to cast and you gain Stamina even while blocking and you don’t need to be stood inside the rune which is nice. You also gain Major Resolve, and when you are stood on top of the rune you also gain a heal over time that scales with your Max Health. This is a really nice heal and works great if you are stacking different healing sources. If you need Magicka Sustain you can use the Mage Guild skill Spell Symmetry alongside this which is the other morph of Balance.

Quite a vital passive, since you are relying on healing over time. Restoring Focus and Extended Ritual heals will be increased up to an extra 12% healing depending on how low your health is.

Sacred Ground
Another good Tank passive increases the amount of damage you can block plus increases the healing you do with all healing abilities by 8%. You need to be stood inside one of your Restoring Light abilities which should be easy since you’ll usually be inside both your Ritual and Rune for the Healing and the Resources/Resistances.

Light Weaver
Will give Ultimate to all allies, a small boost that you will likely proc from your Extended Ritual.

Master Ritualist
Allows you to resurrect people quicker and with full Health, might as well have this passive but you should almost never be resurrecting people as a Tank.

ESO Templar Tank Overview

Templar Tanks are one of the most difficult classes to play in The Elder Scrolls Online.

There are a lot of obstacles for Templar Tanks, the biggest one has always been the lack of burst-healing, this has kind of been resolved now with the addition of multiple heals over time that scale based on Max Health although these are still not as effective as burst healing, Templar Tanks are much stronger at healing themselves now.

The next obstacle is the complete lack of Crowd Control, Templar Tanks are the only class with no AoE Crowd Control skill of some kind, Templar Tanks rely Heavily on using both an Ice Staff with Frost Blockade for the random Immobilizing of enemies and the extremely Magicka expensive Time Stop skill from the Psijic Order Skill Line or the Stamina expensive Turn Evil skill from the Fighters Guild Skill Line. For pulling they have to use Silver Leash which is another heavy Stamina Drain.

Templar Tank Skills & Overview | Elder Scrolls Online | Waking Flame

Templar Tanks do have the benefit of Restoring Focus which returns Stamina every second even while blocking, the problem is that sustain is a big issue even with this really nice sustain skill because of the extremely expensive and weak abilities meaning you spend more resources for less effective benefits compared to every single other Tank class.

There are a few group buffs from the Templar Tank, you have Minor Sorcery which adds about 2k more DPS. Templar Tanks also have Radiant Aura which is an Area of Effect Minor Magickasteal which is great for add pulls meaning Magicka Damage Dealers can sustain better when dealing with add pulls.

You have Purify which is a synergy that becomes available to allies stood inside the Extended Ritual that helps them cleanse negative effects. Extended Ritual is also really good and makes Templar Tanks better than other classes at utilising gear sets like Symphony of Blades, Spell Power Cure, Earthgore and other sets that require group healing.

Templar Tanks are not hugely common due to having so many obstacles and also, most groups tend to use Templar Healers negating the need for a Templar Tank. In the rare occasion you are in a Magicka group, with no other Templar then it would be useful to have a Templar Tank, most likely as an Off Tank to provide the Minor Sorcery.


  • Sustain can be decent with the reduced ability cost passive and Restoring Focus allowing you to gain Stamina back every second, even while blocking.
  • Magicka cost, Health based, Class Damage Shield.
  • Good group utility with Minor Sorcery, Purify Synergy and AoE Minor Magickasteal.
  • Good for an Off Tank/Support role if no other Templars in group.
  • Built in Minor Protection passive.


  • No good burst healing, rely on Damage Shield and Healing over Time.
  • No pull/chain or immobilise class skills, only expensive alternatives from the Psijic Order and Fighters Guide skill lines.
  • Not usually needed in larger groups due to Templar Healers being popular.
  • Magicka sustain can be a big problem as you need to use expensive Magicka skills.

Group Buffs

  • Minor Sorcery via [esoskill id=”289″ tooltip=”true”] Passive
  • Minor Breach via [esoskill id=”263″ tooltip=”true”]
  • AoE Minor Magickasteal via [esoskill id=”316″ tooltip=”true”]
  • Group Purge/Synergy via [esoskill id=”322″ tooltip=”true”]

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