Have Sorcerer Tanks Been Buffed with ESO Necrom?

Necrom PTS is now open and there’s been a little change to Sorcerers and one which I think potentially helps Sorcerer Tanks become more useful, even in groups where there might already be another Sorcerer.

The Summon Storm Atronach Ultimate skill has had a significant change where it will now provides a synergy for up to 12 people compared to before where it was only 6. That gives them the Major Berserk buff and this increases all damage done by 10% for 10 seconds.

The reason why this might be interesting for Tanks is because it’s a group buff and you need more than one person to provide it to maximise the uptime to increase your whole groups DPS. It’s also a full group synergy which is nice as it helps any Alkosh users, procs the Undaunted Command passive and will be an extra benefit to Tanks in the group who use Harmony Jewellery.

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The synergy cooldown in ESO is 20 seconds so if you had two Sorcs in a group you’d be able to maximise the Major Berserk uptime by having the Sorcs alternate the Storm Atronach Ultimate every 20 seconds, providing a 50% Major Berserk uptime.

On a Tank this might function in a similar way to the Necromancers Colossus and you could potentially combine using the Storm Atronach with the Saxhleel Champion gear set to provide both Major Berserk, Major Force and a full group synergy.

This works well with the other buffs a Sorcerer has to offer with Minor Prophecy, Minor Intellect & Endurance combined with their great self healing, sustain and defensive qualities.

It will not necessarily be essential for all groups but when you are setting up a group for Trials an additional Sorcerer could now be useful if other buffs and benefits are covered already, and this now gives Sorcerer Tanks a little more of an edge forward making them potentially one of the more useful Classes to have available!

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