ESO Tank Mythics – Snow Treaders

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Set bonus

1 items: While you are in combat, you are immune to snares and immobilizations that can be cleansed, but you cannot Sprint.

Set Rating:
1 out of 5.

Also Known As:

When to use:

Where to obtain:

  • Auri-El Metal Carvings – Bleakrock Isle enemies
  • Glacial Metal Rivets – Western Skyrim Blackmaw Boss in Labyrinthian
  • Magicka-Imbued Metal Plates – Cyrodiil Raelynne Ahham Boss in Underpall Cave
  • Petrified Snow-Cedar – The Rift World Bosses
  • Snowy Sabre Cat Fur Strip – Direfrost Keep Last Boss

Set Piece:


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