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Welcome to the ESO Aetherian Archive Off Tank Build.

This is typically a 1 Tank trial especially for none Hardmode.

Our Main Tank Build provides a nice easy solution towards solo tanking this Trial. The Main Tank should be able to deal with this trial on their own when following our tried and tested build, which provides some great utility to the Tank so they can sustain and prevent themselves being stunned.

Our Main Tank Build should allow even Beginner Tanks to be comfortable with Tanking this trial by themselves.

If you decide to bring a second Tank for additional safety or for Hardmode, the best thing you can do is setup as a Damage Dealer with a taunt or use a Hybrid Tank Build so you can still do some good damage but be able to backup Tank temporarily and deal with the Atronach’s when attempting Hardmode.

In Hardmode it’s best if the second Tank plays as some kind of Damage Dealer as the Storm Atronach’s hit really low outside of their AoE explosion when they are low health, so you don’t need to be setup as a full Tank when dealing with these.

Tank Guides for this Trial will be available soon in the Tank Guide section and on our YouTube channel.

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